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Building Something Beautiful

Posted on November 26, 2019 at 1:00 PM

Today, we “Raise a Hallelujah”! To be on the other side of an event like the “Building Something Beautiful” fundraiser with Jason Gray is an amazing and wonderful thing. We are all confident that the orchestration of this event was truly the Lord’s and both appointed and anointed.


As with many of the things we do, we learned on the fly about things we had never done before. We faced challenges, lost sleep, fought a social media battle with Facebook, cooperated with one another, met new people, were blessed with generosity, and pulled off an event in just three short weeks that some experienced “event planners” said was “absolutely nuts”. Well, that is the kind of God we serve. When He leads us, He provides for us. And when He says we can, even when we think we cannot, we can accomplish great things for the Kingdom.


Having said that, we made a relatively small amount of money on the fundraiser. I’m tempted to be discouraged by that but am told that is actually often the result. One of my friends who runs a nonprofit actually calls them “Friendraisers” instead of fundraisers. With that much effort, we wanted to think a financial blessing would be the outcome. And I supposed that sometimes happens. But I believe the fruit of this event has more to do with the relationships we developed, both personally and for our ministry.


I’d like to share another fruit of this event. When Jason and I met backstage, we discussed our vision for the evening. My priority was that Holy Spirit would have permission (not that He needs it) to do whatever He would do. So I invited Jason to allow the Holy Spirit to direct his plans for the evening. He cautioned me that many people come to a concert with the expectation that their favorite songs will be played and that they might be disappointed if that is not what happens. I assured Jason that I would be ok with whatever the outcome if He would do what He was led to do. Almost all of the feedback I have received indicated this very thing happened. I was told that folks came expecting the usual concert experience and were surprised, in a wonderful way. People said their hearts were touched. Some said they had been struggling and they were so encouraged. Some were impressed that Jason shared his struggles and how gentle and tender he was. They felt like they were engaged in a living room conversation with him.


I call that a success. And I’m ok with wherever the tally lands financially if there is fruit for the Kingdom of God. No, actually, I’m not just ok with that, I’m ecstatic. My entire goal at the Five Sisters Project is to point people to the Lord. And I think we hit that mark.


That is something worth shouts of praise. We have a list of things we could be asking for this week, but as we celebrate Thanksgiving, I think we are going to sit right here and be thankful. What a wonderful place to be!


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